It’s On Sale Now

If you are interested in a print version of Strength of Spirit, it’s on sale now on Amazon.

Here is the link.

You may want to grab this as soon as possible. I have no idea how long the sale will last.

If you want the ebook, you can check it out on Amazon or other sites that are listed on my website at

Have a great week!!

The New Site Is Up And Running

After a minor glitch, the new site is up and running. Seems that everything is working now. *whew*

Now you should go it check out at

It’s been a crazy summer. My biggest news is that I switched jobs and schools. Now I am a Media Specialist!! I am so excited to start this adventure. It’s a little scary starting a new job in a new school in a new state after 15 years at the old place. I kind of feel like the new kid in the neighborhood (even at my age). I’ve already had a lot of paperwork to complete and meetings to go to, and I still have a few more before I even meet the students. I know it will all come together, but it’s still a little intimidating.

Wish me luck.

Some Things Just Totally Make Your Day

I received a phone call today from my pharmacy. One of the techs is a huge fan. She loved Strength of Spirit so much, she just bought 18 (yes, 18) copies to give as Christmas gifts. She wanted to know if I would autograph them. Of course I said yes. I thanked her profusely. I will be up at the CVS doing a book signing. This is so cool!

I have never been so honored and humbled than I am at this moment. My fans are the best!! Thank you, Sally, so much for your love.

Want a copy for yourself or for others for Christmas? Check out my site at for all of the links.

Yes, I am still smiling. This totally made my year!