Some Things Just Totally Make Your Day

I received a phone call today from my pharmacy. One of the techs is a huge fan. She loved Strength of Spirit so much, she just bought 18 (yes, 18) copies to give as Christmas gifts. She wanted to know if I would autograph them. Of course I said yes. I thanked her profusely. I will be up at the CVS doing a book signing. This is so cool!

I have never been so honored and humbled than I am at this moment. My fans are the best!! Thank you, Sally, so much for your love.

Want a copy for yourself or for others for Christmas? Check out my site at for all of the links.

Yes, I am still smiling. This totally made my year!

Getting Ready for Dragon Con

Hello everyone. It’s been a super busy couple of weeks here. I am so excited!!

First off, thank you to everyone that entered the Goodreads Giveaway. I had over 500 people enter. The two lucky winners should have already received their books. I hope they enjoy Strength of Spirit.

Hoofbeats is now out. It is available as an eBook or print. It’s an anthology of mythical horse tales. I have loved reading the other works in there with mine.

I am off to Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA this week. I will be selling copies of Strength of Spirit at a special Con price of $5. Seek me out. Buy a copy. I will sell what I bring with me. I don’t want to take them back home. If you are unable to attend, or can’t find me, you can still order from my website at

Hope to see you at the Con!!



Hoofbeats is now Available!


The sound of freedom, power and MAGIC. Horses have the gift of carrying us to far-off lands, accompanying us on adventures and fueling imaginations. In addition to the magic to be found mundane horses – there are the magical horses of legends and lore – unicorns and pegasi – staples of fantasy literature – and more. In Hoofbeats, you will meet magical horses, unicorns, and pegasi – as well as a couple of mechanical horses that are more alive than they appear, carousel horses that take their riders on a journey with the Wild Hunt, the spirit pony of a powerful Shaman, a Kelpie and a Nyx. All members of the magical equine family. Join our authors as they bring us 22 tales filled with the magic only an equine possesses. Featuring stories by: J.A. Campbell, Rie Sheridan Rose, Liam Hogan, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Wayland Smith, Rebecca McFarland-Kyle, Misha Nogha, L.J. Bonham, Noel Ayers, Sanan Kolva, M.H. Bonham, Carol Hightshoe, April Douglas, Melodie Bolt, Cynthia Ward, Dana Bell, Steve Ruskin, Amanda Faith, F.J. Bergmann

For the eBook, go to

For the Print version, go to

I also have it posted on my website for your pleasure.